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Private postnatal yoga package

Great postnatal recovery lays the foundations for you to get back to doing all the things you love - running, weight training, jumping, dancing *insert your favourite sport here* . But it is a myth that you shouldn't do anything for those first six weeks and then after that can get straight back into strong fitness practices.

We will begin by checking your core and pelvic floor function, in relation to your breathing. Usually there is some imbalance postnatally and with the right techniques can be resolved so you can be confident to get back to doing what you love without injuries or bladder leaks.

Postnatally posture and any tension you are holding in your body can have a big effect on your recovery, so you will learn simple techniques to check in with yourself and release any tight spots

Private postnatal yoga is suitable from two weeks postpartum, this will depend on how you are feeling and your birth, the first few weeks the focus is on breath and pelvic floor retraining, session are 30mins via zoom or 45mins at my studio/your house. 

Do you feel you missed out after you had your baby? This postnatal yoga program is still suitable for all mummas whether your baby is 3 weeks or 10 years old! It's never too late to get back to feeling a little more like you.

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Client Testimonial

After the birth of my second baby I felt that my body had been impacted greater than it had been after my first. I had two children pretty close together (a 20 month age gap between the two) which meant that the strength and fitness I had only just retrieved was right back at square one. I also had bad back pain due to complications in labour and a significant abdominal gap (over 4cm) which meant I needed a focused and targeted recovery program. I also felt my post baby bump was larger than with my first and that my body was taking a long time to heal.

Viv's private classes were fantastic, the first session she gave lots of advice and information but also listened to my specific needs and tailored the programme to what I needed. She clearly briefed a range of exercises to target the whole body and gave recommendations to slowly bring back my muscle strength and offered personal advice to regain my confidence as a woman and new mother. As my strength improved she altered the exercises to speed recovery, regain strength and also giving me more confidence to get back into regular exercise in a mindful way. I cannot fault her course, her manner and her broad knowledge on the body, exercise but also on pregnancy, birth and post partum which for me made the course that bit different from many others and vital to my recovery. Within a few weeks my strength had regained significantly and week by week I saw improvements to my health (both physical and mental). I cannot thank Viv enough. 

Kate R. Pinkneys Green

I am passionate about empowering mothers to feel strong, supported and with all the tools they need to thrive on their journey through pregnancy and into motherhood. It is the most magical, transformative and challenging experience, but an amazing opportunity to connect deeply with yourself.

Teaching since 2012 I have thousands of hours of teaching experience. Specialist trainings include 85hr Sally Parkes pregnancy and postnatal yoga, Sally Parkes 25hr Advanced postnatal yoga, Core confidence specialist with Kim Vopani (The Vagina Coach), KGH Hypnobirthing teacher, Women's Yoga course with Shakti Mama.

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