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Private and small group postnatal yoga class at our studio in Flackwell Heath,

 in the comfort of your home or via zoom

Private or Small group - up to 4 People - £60 for 1hr class

Viv has designed this six week program for all the new mummas out there! Taking care of a newborn can be challenging in all kinds of ways and these classes are carefully sequenced to support all aspects of your postnatal body and mind.

We welcome all new parents, whether your baby came out your tummy or your vagina. Whether you breastfeed, bottle feed or combi feed. My intention is to create a safe space for you to be you, to take time to fill up your cup so you can enjoy those precious moments with your baby.

In this six week course you will - 


  • Learn simple but powerful breathing techniques to reconnect you with your pelvic floor and deep core muscles.

  • Enjoy lots of yoga to release, relax and undo all those knots from the shoulders and upper back.

  • Rebuild strength in the core and supporting muscles (glutes, inner thighs and legs to name a few) to support your lower back and help/prevent lower back pain.

  • Learn all about the anatomy of your pelvic floor and the organs it supports. In this session you will learn how to do REAL kegels to maintain/ rebuild strength in the pelvic floor and also how to maintain pelvic mobility and why that is so important too.

  • Discover the practice of hypopressives - a game changer in getting your pelvic floor and deep core muscles working in harmony to support you and your pelvic organs. SO YOU CAN RUN, JUMP and DANCE to your heart's content without having to worry about leaks.

This class is suitable from 6-10 weeks post-birth (depending on the type of birth). Viv can also do a pre-six week class which covers breath, core and pelvic floor retraining.

This program comes with e-handout pack with all the information you need on topics covered to practice techniques alone at home too.​

postnatal yoga classes with Viv Campbell - We Glow Yoga

Benefits of postnatal yoga

Give your body the time and support it needs to heal with guidance from Viv, Senior yoga teacher

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