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Viv Campbell, Pregnancy yoga class teacher in Malow
Pregnancy yoga class in Marlow with Viv Campbell (We Glow Yoga)
Pregnancy yoga classes in Marlow with Viv Campbell (We Glow Yoga)


Pregnancy Yoga ~Saturdays 10-11.15am

Unwind Yoga Studio

Drop in or book a block of classes

Trial class £12. - Three class pack £42.50  - Six class pack £75

Please book directly at 

Or share a semi private pregnancy yoga class for you and up to 3 friends at my home studio in Flackwell Heath, daytime, afternoon and evening slots available. £60 - 60 min class £75 - 75min class

Nurturing and supportive classes for mums-to-be. Take time to calm your
mind, to connect with your changing body and your growing baby, and to enjoy
this precious time in your life.

Come and join me, and a small group of soon-to-be mums, for a peaceful hour of
yoga, breathing, and guided meditation. Classes are devoted to ladies who are
expecting and no previous yoga experience is needed but you will need to be in
your second or third trimester of pregnancy.

We practice gentle yoga including flowing yoga poses to release any tension or
pain in your lower back, neck, or shoulders, and to help you develop an awareness of
your changing body.

We will learn the powerful breathing techniques from Hypnobirthing to help you to relax.
You will also find these techniques beneficial during labour.

We end the class with a guided meditation to soothe your body and mind, leaving
both you and baby feeling calm, tranquil, and nourished.


Client Testimonials

Thank you for the yoga course, I had a lovely time there. My little angel was born on the 12th of September. The delivery was peaceful and calm and happy. I'm very thankful for the hypnobirthing techniques that I learnt, which helped me tremendously. No painkiller was used and no tears or stitches were needed.

Orshi, Maidenhead

The yoga classes were amazing, thank you! I just remember being in the birthing pool moving one arm,  breathing and imagining I was in yoga class. It helped so much.

Hannah, Bourne End

My birth did not go quite to plan but all I can say is that the yoga breathing helped massively to get through everything that was thrown at me! Thanks Viv, I felt so strong! 

Claire, High Wycombe

My husband and I did Vivien’s hypnobirthing course when we were about 24 weeks pregnant. This was the first of any birth preparation we had done. Viv’s calming and gentle manner put us at ease immediately, and it was great to do the course with another couple at a similar stage to us. I finished the course feeling much more confident in my body’s ability to know and do what it needed to do when the time came. The course also initiated many important discussions between my husband and I about our options / preferences / hopes. I used the meditation tracks to help me get to sleep during the third trimester, and used the affirmations around my bedroom. We felt empowered and positive going into the birth of our daughter.

Eli, Wooburn Green

Benefits of Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy and birth can be the most empowering and transformative experiences of your life.

They are also challenging for both body and mind, prepare yourself so you have the most positive pregnancy and birth and meet your new baby happily and calmly.

Pregnancy yoga is designed to support the changes in your pregnant body.

  1. Support your changing body - physically during pregnancy you have a growing bump on the front of your body and your breasts will most likely be getting bigger too. Maintain strength through pregnancy yoga in the postural muscles on the back of the body 

  2. Ride the rollercoaster of hormones - during pregnancy you will also be experience hormonal changes on a daily if not hourly basis. Relaxation and breathing techniques offered in my pregnancy yoga classes will help you feel more balanced and aware of these changes

  3. Be strong - prehab your core and pelvic floor muscles to keep you feeling supported and strong throughout your pregnancy and help you recover more quickly after you've had your baby.

  4. Relieve aches and pains - pregnancy yoga gently works with all the joints in the body and helps them to remain mobile and free from stiffness. Learn simple movements in my pregnancy yoga classes to practice at home/work.

  5. Release fear - the combination of pregnancy yoga and hypnobirthing allows you to build trust in yourself and your body, whilst also releasing any fears or negative ideas you may have about pregnancy and birth

  6. May help with common pregnancy symptoms such as lower back pain, insomnia , headaches, shortness of breath, nausea and carpal tunnel syndrome. 

  7. Join a community - make new friends who are on the same path to motherhood as you are! My pregnancy yoga classes are a safe, non-judgemental space, supporting mothers in whatever choices they make about their pregnancy, birth and style of parenting

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