Tuesday 7.30-8.30pm


Based on the 4 basic elements - Fire, Water, Earth and Air - Mandala Vinyasa connects each element with a specific area of the body. Yin meets Yang to balance your mind, body and soul. 

We start our practice with a yin session to connect with the area of the body that we will be working on, allowing us to gently find space. Mandala Vinyasa Salutations then warm-up and prepare this area of the body before we move into standing and seated sequences which allow us to work deeper into our body focus area. We close the practice with a restorative yin session to bring balance and calm, helping you to drift off to a great night’s sleep when you return home.


All levels of fitness and flexibility are welcome, but spaces are limited so please contact me to book your space. There is also free parking on site.

** All students receive 20% discount on YogaMad mats and yoga accessories **